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Today Not Tomorrow Boxing & Fitness

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


1906 Brooks Street   Missoula, MT  59801



Locally Owned:

Katelyn Jones and Rachel Plumage


What Skills Will You Improve?


Empowering, challenging, inspiring, and totally addictive - this will be your new favorite workout class!

Results driven classes utilizing fundamentals of competitive boxers to increase overall strength, endurance, tenacity, and grit.

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How We Do It


TNT trainers lead you through explosive classes including Boxing, Circuit, and Specialty Bootcamps giving you the foundation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone for an ultimate full body challenge. 

Burn calories like you've never burned before with full body HIIT training and impact with a 130 pound heavy bag.




The TNT Experience

TNT trainers will lead you through explosive boxing rounds giving you an ultimate full body workout.

Effective Workouts

Ready to DIG Deep? TNT is here to meet you with not just a workout, but a confidence boost and healthier lifestyle.

Individual Approach

Each class is a personal workout in a group environment of equally driven people. All bodies, fitness levels and abilities welcome!


                                Reasonable Prices

Membership includes unlimited boxing classes. We want you to see results!

There are a variety of membership options and packages available.

First Class is FREE

Reserve your spot in class  on the


Members can't get enough of it!

Check it out for yourself.

Stop by TNT Today and take a class at no cost.

Already a member? You never know who's life you may change. Invite a first time guest.


"The positive energy this place has is just what the doctor ordered. Anyone interested in getting into kick ass shape, get into this gym. It's too legit to quit."

Tiffany Shepherd - TNT Member

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