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Working with a TNT personal trainer allows you to maximize your results in a focused amount of time.

A personal trainer acts as a workout partner to push you out of your comfort zone. A trainer can provide you with expertise and knowledge to develop a safe, effective exercise plan based upon your goals, current fitness level, and interest.

Need extra guidance, motivation, discipline, and/or support? 

Contact TNT for Pricing and Packages that best suit your goals.



Corporate team building in a completely unique environment unlike anything you have imagined.  Take it out of the office...and into the ring.

Working on better communication and collaboration among your colleagues?  Looking to improve productivity and motivation?

Get your group together and reserve your own private class. Glove up and build togetherness and teamwork, break down barriers while you sweat and punch it out.

*Disclaimer: You will find it an addicting way to let off steam with your co-workers .



Strength Training

Are you ready to see what you're really capable of? Do you w ant to build lean muscle, increase your metabolism and make significant strength gains?

This camp is a combination of strength and HIIT conditioning. You will be using primary barbell exercises combined with kettlebells and bodyweight movements to strengthen the entire body and improve cardio-vascular fitness.

It is not just about being ready to step into the ring to fight - it's about fighting to be in the best shape of your life!



Friday Mornings: 5:30 AM - 6:30 AM    


Wednesday Evenings: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


April 12th - May 21st

May 31st -  July 9th

July 19th - August 27th

Contact TNT for Pricing and Details.

  Limited Spots -  Don't Wait to Sign Up!

What our customers are saying

THIS boxing workout is the ultimate! It's a full body workout + high intensity cardio! You will not find more dedicated and experienced trainers anywhere else!! Get your butt in the door and they'll kick it!! Everyone should try TNT!!!

Jill Thomas - TNT Member

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